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September Build Contest
September Build Contest:
Roller Coaster

[Image: Roller-Coaster.jpg]

Rollin Rollin Rollin... Keep Those Minecarts Rollin!

Kiddy Coasters, Monster Coasters, Never Ending Coasters!!!
I Want To See Your Design of a Roller Coaster of Your Own!!

Helpful Tip:

Try Using A Furnace Minecart!
Right Clicking It Will Cause it to Move on It's
Own Without Powered Rails! 


1st Place: Premium Rank or $10 Live & Build Gift Card
Set of God Armor & Tools, Spawn Egg of Choice, Player Head of Choice (Non Staff Head)
2nd Place: 150k In Game, Set of God Armor & Tools
3rd Place: 75k In Game, Set of God Armor or Tools
Here's The Rules:
1. Must be done in Survival!
2. If Multiple People work on the build Only 1 gets the prize.
3. Don't beg for blocks! Plenty of time and Plenty of shops!
4. Must Be Related to Monthly Theme!
5. Keep it Family Friendly
6. Add Res Tp or Coords so Players can Judge it!
7. When Voting Starts, Creating Multiple Accounts 
For Votes Will Disqualify and Result in Perm Ban
Don't Do It!
8. Only Current Server Players are Able to Vote.
(I.E. Mom and Dad can't vote for you unless they play on the server)
9. Bribing for Votes is Not Allowed.
10. Builds Previously Submitted In Past Build Contest Are 
Unable to Be Submitted Again For Future Builds!
11. Have Fun! Be Creative!
All Pictures of Builds Must be Submitted in Comments Below by:
Sept 25th 2021, 10pm Est.

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