Welcome to Team Applications!

Are interested in becoming a team member on LiveAndBuild.Net? We are always looking for dedicated, loyal new recruits.
Before you submit your application please review the roles & responsibilities, and minimum requirements below.

What is a team member? A team member is a Builder, Helper, Staff, or Admin.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Team members must set an example for all players by following the rules.
  • Team members must respond to all questions or calls for assistance as soon as they reasonably can.
  • Team members may enact any accepted punishment on a player or staff member as long as they have evidence to prove a violation.
  • Team members must use valid ban reasons at all times, failure to do so will result in immediate termination.
  • Team members may ask an Admin for assistance obtaining log and other data, only after attempts to find the information has failed.
  • Team members may never use moderator-only permissions/tools for personal use. Anything which gives an advantage over others is for investigating, and resolving issues.
  • Team members who are inactive for 2 months will be demoted without warning unless a valid notice of absence is given beforehand.
  • Team members must attend at least 1 team meeting every month via. Discord voice chat.
Minimum Requirements
  • Must be a Minecraft: Java Edition user.
  • Must have Discord and have joined LiveAndBuild.Net Official Discord server.
  • Must have at least 1 year of Minecraft experience.
  • Must have at least 72 hours of server playtime (check with /statz list).
  • Must have voted at least 100 times (check with /statz list).
  • Subject to minimum age requirements.
  • Previous server team experience is an asset.

All team members are subject to a 90 day probation period.

Ready to apply? Copy the following template and create a new post by clicking HERE

Thread Subject: [IGN] - Team Application

Your Message:
First Name: 
Minecraft: Java Edition Username: 
Have you joined LiveAndBuild.Net Official Discord server? (Y/N): 
How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 
How long have you played on the server? (check with /statz list): 
How many times have you voted? (check with /statz list): 
Date of Birth (MM/YY): 
Do you have any previous Minecraft staff/op experience? (Y/N): 
Please in detail (4-5 paragraphs) introduce yourself and explain why you would be an ideal team candidate: 

Applications submitted not using the aforementioned thread subject and message template will be rejected.

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