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First Name: Rylaen
Minecraft: Java Edition Username: N30N_Gamer
Have you joined LiveAndBuild.Net Official Discord server? (Y/N): Yes
How long have you been playing Minecraft?: for at least 10 years
How long have you played on the server? (check with /statz list): 13 days 22 hours and 5 minutes between my old account (Optimash) and my current account (N30N_Gamer)
How many times have you voted? (check with /statz list): 100 between my old account (Optimash) and my current account (N30N_Gamer)
Date of Birth (MM/YY): 6/09/2007
Do you have any previous Minecraft staff/op experience? (Y/N): yes
Please in detail (4-5 paragraphs) introduce yourself and explain why you would be an ideal team candidate:

Introduction: I am a 14 year old kid who loves to: play videogames, hang out with friends, and play with my dog. I always put others before myself and am very supportive of others. I can often tell when others are feeling down and am there for them if they need to talk to me, even if they just need to vent their feelings. I love engineering and space, and I would love to be an aerospace engineer when I am older. I also have a love for life and biology; Especially evolution and genetics, if aerospace engineering doesn't work out a genetic engineer would be my next option.

   By Being as active as possible I will be able to help players with anything that ails them. Not only that, but I will be able to provide advice and/or aid to anything someone on the staff team may need, even if its as simple as a question on a staff command, or even something as tricky as some hackers on the server that are very good at hiding their hacks.
      I am an active community member and well known one. I get along with almost anyone, even people that get on most other peoples' nerves. I am very good at keeping my  cool in any given situation; the last time I lost my cool as a staff during a situation was sometime in early-middle 2021 after it had gone on for over 5-6 hours and it ended in me losing a friend. I work great with a team, whether I am leading the team, or am helping someone with a task; I am very open to suggestions and you will often find me giving suggestions to another staff member.

Why should you hire me?
To start I am very reliable; you can give me a task and count on it to be done. I will try my best to get any task given done, even if I have to ask for help. I also am very creative and good at thinking outside of the box, my mind tends to lean towards other solutions/options than most people, which is also why I'm a good problem solver, and finally I also can tell when something is off in a situation, whether it be the story that is given, the way the person/people were acting, or both. Because of these skills, I can work my way out of almost any given situation, even if it takes me a little longer to get there than others.

 It may take me longer than others to get to the conclusion because I am an overthinker; being an overthinker is not necessarily a bad thing, since it forces me to look at all the options and think through them, but it can lead me down some false trails which could waste some of my time, cause a bigger issue, or have no effect. Usually, the 3rd option is what happens because I don't usually go deeply into most thoughts I have.

 I have been staff on 5 servers total and learned lots from each server I have been on. The first server I have ever been staff on was Survive and Thrive, a server similar to this one. I got staff on this server because the owner of the server thought I would make a good staff on it. I learned most of what I know about being a staff today on this server, I learned good crowd control techniques, how to play with normal players as a staff, what the experience of being a staff is on a small up-and-coming server is like, and more! I truly enjoyed being staff on this server and was excited for its release, but some things happened and it never ended up becoming anything. Next, I became staff on a friend's server, Vaporwave Realms. This server has a long story, and theres a lot of specifics I learned, but the most important thing I learned is how to be with other staff that don't get along with each other, staff that are good also, how to deal with staff that shouldn't actually be on the team but is co-owner, and more. next up I got myself a staff role on a server that had a high chance of becoming big, Galactic Realms. This server was great, though I didn't learn much from it because it didn't get many players because of owner neglect. after these experiences, I thought i'd try and be a staff on some smaller minehut servers; minehut is kind of like a mall but for Minecraft servers. The first minehut server I became staff on a box pvp server, which is a server where you are in a box and mine ores to get custom gear. this server was known and boxpwp and taught me mostly that 14 year olds that know little to nothing about plugins and hiring good staff shouldn't run a server. and finally, we have SmiteCraft. I only became staff on it recently but I don't really do anything since the owner doesn't know how to keep players and he abuses his power.

 I have been wanting to be a staff somewhere for a while now, and have been eyeing this server, but never truly felt good enough to be able to apply. But now I feel more confident than ever that I am worthy of being staff on such a server as this one. This server has been a major part of my childhood and has given me many of my good friends to this date, and I feel that it is my time to pay it back and help the server.

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