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March Build Contest
[Image: March-2022-Kingdom-scaled-e1646163352554.jpg]

March Build Contests!

That's Right March Will Consist of 2 Build Contests!


Parkour Build Contest Will be
Due 3/25

The Parkour will be Featured as a new implement to the center of spawn!
Let's see your skills and test our skills at parkour!
(All Jumps Must Be Tested, Questionable will be asked to be shown it's possible) 


1st Place: $10 LAB Gift Card, 100k, Full Set of X Enchant Tools, Armor, Weapons, Head of Choice
And Access to our Newest Unreleased Plugin?!
(Egging Mobs / Obtaining Spawn Eggs)

2nd Place: 50k, Set of X Enchant Tools, or Armor, or Weapons 
3rd Place: 25k Your Choice of X Enchant Tool or Weapon


Kingdoms Which Will Last 3 Months
Due 6/25

With this new world You've Probably heard / seen that spawn is surrounded by 4 kingdoms!
One of those Kingdoms could be yours! (Kingdom to The East of Spawn)
Winning Kingdom will have the builds World Edited into The Realm and placed where specified!


1st Place: Platinum Rank (1 Person Only), 300k, A Full Set of X Enchant Tools, Armor, Weapons, 
A Head of Choice, And 2 Spawn Eggs of Choice. 
Per Person (Each Player Must Contribute Minimum of 1 Building)
2nd Place: 150k, Set of X Enchant Tools, or Armor, or Weapons
A Head of Choice
Per Person (Each Player Must Contribute Minimum of 1 Building)
3rd Place: 75k Your Choice of X Enchant Tool or Weapon
Per Person (Each Player Must Contribute Minimum of 1 Building)
Hello everyone! This is Waffles4Penguin here with an amazing build for this month's build contest, parkour. I built a small parkour in the shape of a penguin. You parkour around on some floating snow (not really snow) to the head of the penguin. Inside there is a small museum if you would like to look around, as well as a few food stands as you would find in a mall. If you would like to look around for yourself, the tp is ./res tp PenguinStuff. All jumps are completable, witch i made sure of myself. Please vote fairly and may the best build win!

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Hello! For the kingdom build contest, Nico and I both built our own kingdoms in the beginning, but we overall decided to work together and enter as a group. We built three neighboring kingdoms.

-In the res WaffleKingdom I built a castle, an airport, and an underground village.
-In the res Aruluan Nico built a castle with a few different villages surrounded by a wall.
-Finally in the res Cloud_Kingdom we built a main cloud with a tower on it and a few small clouds with rainbow towers.

Make sure to explore everywhere because secrets lurk around every corner. Have fun and stay safe (even on the clouds...)

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Hi Everybody!

This is my entry for the Kingdom Build Contest.  Hope you enjoy Lil_ol_Kingdom!  To check it out:  /res tp Lil_ol_Kingdom & /res tp Lil_ol_Kingdom2
Thank you for checking out my entry and have a great Summer!!

- Lil ol Mii  Smile

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