1.18 Update Confusion
There are many questions I have about the new 1.18 update and how the server is changing. I updated Minecraft on Waffles4Penguin's java account. Nobody can join the server now. Is there any way we can still join the world? I also have some other questions about being in the 1.18 server. Like: Will we have only the 24 res we have? Or will we have 24 in each overworld (BTW I have plat.) Also when we go into the nether from 1.17 world, will we enter 1.18 when we go back through portal? Also if that happens, will our 1.17 stuff transfer through the portal in the nether? Will there have to be two nether and two ends? Then, will the money I have in the 1.17 bank be in the 1.18 bank too? After the new 1.18 world is added, will we be able to go back and edit the 1.17 world or is it just going to be the viewing portion and we cant edit it? I am sorry if this is a long post, but I had lots of questions. If someone can reply with at least a few answers, it would be great.
-*beararaiter and Waffles4Penguin (We are the same person for those who don't know)

Also anyone who has used MC java launcher in the past, is there a way to go to previous versions? You can private message me if you have answer.

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