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October Build Contest
October Build Contest:

[Image: Halloween-Build-Contest.png]

Spooky Scary Skeletons, Send Shivers Down My Spine!

The Haunting Is Here! Spook Us With Your Haunted Mansions, 
Your Spooky "Corn" Mazes, Set Up Your Own Trick Or Treat Town!
Helpful Tip:

Try Looking Around Spawn For Some Trick or Treat Locations!
Some Custom Halloween Heads Will Be Given! Big Grin


1st Place: Premium Rank or $10 Live & Build Gift Card
Set of God Armor & Tools, Spawn Egg of Choice, Player Head of Choice (Non Staff Head)
2nd Place: 150k In Game, Set of God Armor & Tools, Spawn Egg Of Choice
3rd Place: 75k In Game, Set of God Armor or Tools
Here's The Rules:
1. Must be done in Survival!
2. If Multiple People work on the build Only 1 gets the prize.
3. Don't beg for blocks! Plenty of time and Plenty of shops!
4. Must Be Related to Monthly Theme!
5. Keep it Family Friendly
6. Add Res Tp or Coords so Players can Judge it!
7. When Voting Starts, Creating Multiple Accounts 
For Votes Will Disqualify and Result in Perm Ban
Don't Do It!
8. Only Current Server Players are Able to Vote.
(I.E. Mom and Dad can't vote for you unless they play on the server)
9. Bribing for Votes is Not Allowed.
10. Builds Previously Submitted In Past Build Contest Are 
Unable to Be Submitted Again For Future Builds!
11. Have Fun! Be Creative!
All Pictures of Builds Must be Submitted in Comments Below by:
Oct 25th 2021, 10pm Est.
Hello fellow players. This is *beararaiter and Waffles4Penguin with another great build! The results for the September contest were very surprising. To get to our fabulous build, just do ./res tp ShipCrash  and you will see a crashed spaceship with vines growing from it. A few years ago, a group of young Minecrafters set off to go explore a different planet and bring back specimens. They came back with lots of cool items a few years later. The ship re-entered the server atmosphere and was getting ready to land, but they were coming in too fast! They also had a monster onboard that broke out of its cell! They crashed near a small town of innocent civilians, who have since then been forced out due to invading alien vines and other creatures. If you are brave enough to explore, be ready for the horrors that await. (Also I am sorry if it looks kind of nooby). Please vote fairly and may the best build win.

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Hi all
PilotLicense924 here
I made i big spooky tree, after that a pumping field with a tombstone
To check it out do /res tp spooky
You need to check it also in day btw then you can see the build good.
Hope you like itSmile

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