Skystar99 - Head Staff Application
First Name: 
- Kayley

Minecraft: Java Edition Username: 
- Skystar99

Have you joined LiveAndBuild.Net Official Discord server? (Y/N): 
- Yes

How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 
- I've been playing Minecraft since about 2012

How long have you played on the server? (check with /statz list): 
- I've played since around 2014 / 2015, Since the server has come back I have 14 Days and 7 hours logged.

How many times have you voted? (check with /statz list): 
- I've voted 206 times

Date of Birth (MM/YY): 
- 09 / 00

Do you have any previous Minecraft staff/op experience? (Y/N): 
- A bit on a very small server, plus about 3 months of staff experience on this server 

Please in detail (4-5 paragraphs) introduce yourself and explain why you would be an ideal team candidate: 

Hello, my name is Kayley, but I go by Sky online. I enjoy drawing, playing video games, collecting books and plushies, and playing Minecraft! I am 20 years old, currently in college and working part time. I also own a 9 year old cat named Misty. 

I've played on this server for years, and I love our community. I've made so many friends that I've come to know personally outside of Minecraft and I think that's incredible. I love being a part of the team that works to keep this server friendly and safe for everyone! It'd only make sense I'd love to be able to do more to make our server even better.

As a staff member, I've worked hard to help people with their problems on the server, answer any questions whenever I can, and make sure everyone feels comfortable. I pride myself on my patience with everyone. I try to give everyone another chance to make things right. I hate punishing people when they may be confused or making a mistake unknowingly. I also tend to be on at awkward times when other team members aren't online to provide even more help for our players around the clock. As well as being a staff member, now that I am also Builder rank, I've worked hard to make new spawn builds like the /shop, warp room and crate room. I can't wait to work on even more builds in spawn to keep our server beautiful and updated!

I think I'd make a great Head Staff because of how long I've played on this server, and how much I've already been able to help our players after only a few months as staff. Being a Head Staff will help me help the server more than ever before. In the short time I've been Staff, I've learned a lot of the commands, and I've made organized lists to better track server punishments, server shop prices, and documents for everyone to brainstorm together for new events on our server. I also have noticed I've grown close with a lot of our regular players. Already, players have come to me one on one for help, and I hope that with a title like Head Staff, players will be even more comfortable about coming to me with their problems on the server. I love this server with all my heart, and I'm so happy to be a part of this team to keep it as wonderful as it is. 
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Brodie McKinney
aka. TheStriker095
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