Head Hunter Event!
[Image: Minecraft-1.16.5-5_20_2021-7_01_28-PM-2.png]Here’s What you need to know!
Date: 5-29-21
Time: 2pm Pt, 5pm Est
Runtime: 3hrs / When All Staff Are Dead
(Run Time is an Estimate not Actual Length of Event)
Welcome to the Head Hunter Event!
This is a Staff Vs Player Event!
Survival of The Fittest!
Staff are given a 2 min head start to gather resources or do with as they see fit
Staff members are unable to use the chests within / around the cornucopia!
The goal of the staff members is to survive the allotted time.
Each Staff Member Gets 1 Life!
Players Get infinite lives (If not many players participate)
Players get 1 life if 15 - 20 players participate
Inventories, Backpacks, and Echests Must Be Empty!
Players And Staff Start With NOTHING!
No Flying During this Event!
Players Caught Cheating Will be Removed From The Event and Banned Accordingly
Staff / Helper: 1.5k & Corresponding Head
Head Staff: 2.5k & Corresponding Head
Admin: 5k & Corresponding Head
Head Admin: 10k & Corresponding Head
Owner: 20k & Corresponding Head
Special Kills:
Killing Most Staff: Spawn Egg Of Choice
1 Player Killing All Participating Admins / Head Admin:
Premium Rank or $10 LAB Gift Card & Spawn Egg of Choice
(Must Be A Single Player To Kill all Admins / Head Admin)
Sky Wins! If you killed a staff member please let us know!

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