Rhodeer's Staff Application
Hello, I am Dillon. In Minecraft, I am known as Rhodeer. I am a very kind and intellectual kid. I am a male. I work very hard when I know something needs to be done, but the main reason I think that I should be a staff member is because I am good at following and enforcing rules. There may be many people with a 4.0 GPA or people who went to Harvard, but I think that I would be the perfect fit because even if I don't agree with the rules I will still follow and enforce them. I have not yet voted for the server 100 times, but I intend to in the next 10 days. I am active on this server a lot, and I have been playing Minecraft for 7 years. I am familiar with server with rules and regulations, and I have read over all of the agreements and rules. I will attend the meetings, and all the other stuff. I live on Eastern Coast. I am a very sensitive and understanding person. I am also very forgiving, so if someone was banned for a certain thing I would never give them a bad reputation or think of them any less as the other players. I also don't favorite my friends or anyone else. For instance, If I caught one of my friends cheating I would never let them get away with it. Anyway, I would bet on myself every single day that I am the most qualified canidate to be staff.


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