April Build Contest! (Closed)
[Image: Easter-Build-Contest.png]

April's Build Contest is: Easter!

1st Place: Platinum Rank or $10 Live & Build Gift Card
Set of God Armor & Tools
2nd Place: 50k In Game, Set of God Armor & Tools
3rd Place: 25k In Game, Set of God Armor or Tools
Here's The Rules:
1. Must be done in Survival!
2. If Multiple People work on the build Only 1 gets the prize.
3. Don't beg for blocks! Plenty of time and Plenty of shops!
4. Must Be Related to Monthly Theme!
5. Keep it Family Friendly
6. Add Res Tp or Coords so Players can Judge it!
7. Have Fun! Be Creative!
(1 Photo Per Build)
All Pictures of Builds Must be Submitted in Comments Below by:
April 25th 2021, 10pm Est.
(1 Photo Per Build)
Do /res tp EasterBuild.
Photo was taken from very far away with lowest FOV and with zoom.

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Please visit my Res before you vote! Thanks! /res tp FaithsBuild

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Please do /res tp dudeurodude to see my easter build.I collaborated with Abb3r4ti0na1 we made an easter island where the easter bunny takes his vacation. He lives inside the egg and lays his eggs outside in the nest where they age from white chocolate to milk chocolate. please vote for our build it took us quite a while to build it and i just wanted to make people happy with it Smile

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Come Check Out Crayon's Easter Build at /res tp Easter_SwagBuild!

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Do /res tp GaposBuilds
To See My Build!
Please Think And Look Before Judging (Remember Vote me Wink Teehee)

Vote me, or not. I dont care. I am doing the build for fun not for anything else (If you vote me I will appreciate it thanks!) <3

P.S. If you are reading this and you voted me, ask me for a netherite ingot when im online Wink )

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Sssolaris's Easter Build!

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Katiebug1123's Easter Build!

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