Rockethub's Staff Application
First Name: Daniel
Minecraft: Java Edition Username: Rockethub
Have you joined LiveAndBuild.Net Official Discord server? (Y/N): Yes
How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Nearly 7 years.
How long have you played on the server? (check with /statz list): 10
How many times have you voted? (check with /statz list): 110
Date of Birth (MM/YY): 11/01
Do you have any previous staff experience on another server? (Y/N): Yes, several

Please in detail (4-5 paragraphs) introduce yourself and explain why you would be an ideal staff candidate: Hey, I'm Rockethub! I first discovered back on January 29th, 2014, it was the first server I ever played on, and I loved it so much that I played for several months. Eventually, the number of players went down, and I went on to do other things in Minecraft, and gained a lot of skills including but not limited to, moderating chats on a server, the setup and configuration of Minecraft servers, moderation, and administration commands, and how to detect and deal with the ever-prevalent problem of cheating (also known as "hacking") on a server.

Another asset I have is that I've been in the LiveandBuild community for several years, and therefore have gotten to learn how the community works, and the general vibe here. I have prior knowledge of a good number if not most of the commands used by staff members in their day-to-day duties, as well as other commands used by players and so I would be able to execute my power well to betterment the community without confusion as well as assist players in using commands such as residence, and other things.

I believe I am good at perceiving people's personalities, intentions, and desires, given enough time. I found myself often studying people subconsciously out of curiosity and interest, and as such believe that it can help me better deal with people on a case by case basis, especially when others may misunderstand them.

Finally, 2 other assets I have are that 1. I play different times, meaning there are quite a few times I am on when other staff members are not, thereby reducing the number of hours rulebreakers can be on and break rules without being quickly spotted and taken care of. 2. I'm usually pretty good at spotting "hackers" since I have played with cheat clients before some and generally know how they work as well as also keeping myself more up-to-date than the average person on new hacks so that I can spot them out more easily and catch cheaters in the act.

Thank you for reading my application, if you have any further queries you can reach me on discord @ Rockethub#7729.

Have a nice day  Smile
Congrats Rockethub! Big Grin
Brodie McKinney
aka. TheStriker095
Server Owner
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