First Name: Logan 
Minecraft: Java Edition Username: MythosShadow241 (Bedrock)
Have you joined LiveAndBuild.Net Official Discord server? (Y/N):  Yes
How long have you been playing Minecraft?: about 7 years
How long have you played on the server? (check with /statz list): about a week
How many times have you voted? (check with /statz list): once
Date of Birth (MM/YY): 02/08
Do you have any previous staff experience on another server? (Y/N): yes multiple im a helper on another server and i own multiple Discord Server
Please in detail (4-5 paragraphs) introduce yourself and explain why you would be an ideal staff candidate: My Name is Logan and I like to play Minecraft, i go to Middle School! Im a 12 year old I also like Anime, Card Games, and Retro. Im a Sorta Multiplayer guy so i like to play Multiplayer. I should be staff because im helpful and good at making people listen.
Declined for not meeting the minimum requirements.
Brodie McKinney
aka. TheStriker095
Server Owner
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