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(03-07-2022, 01:54 PM)*BenignNine41921 Wrote: Recently, I’ve come across quite a few glitches or issues caused by some plugins. These are the few that are important/annoying enough for me to actually go to the forums.

Issue #1: Spawners can’t spawn strays (yes, I’m a plat) Added strayskeleton to allowed spawners for platinum members in addition to axolotl, goat, and glowsquid.
When you do /spawner, it gives you a list of all the available monsters that you can spawn using spawners. The issue is that you can’t actually spawn some of those. The only one I found was the stray (id: strayskeleton). When attempting to change a spawner to that, I receive a message saying that I don’t have the necessary permissions to do this action.

Issue #2: The in game jobs are outdated I will eventually get around to updating Jobs to include new blocks.
This affects quite a few jobs, mainly miner and crafter though. When mining a post 1.17 block (such as deepslate and deepslate ore variants), you receive Mcmmo xp, but no jobs xp or money. That’s because they aren’t included in the list of blocks that actually give money or xp. (To check, it’s /jobs info [jobname]). 

Issue #3: Fly resets when going through dimensions This is actually intentional
When going to the end or nether, /fly often randomly turns off upon my arrival in the new dimension (overworld, nether, end). This is far from being a game breaking issue but is a slight annoyance, so I figured I might as well mention it. 

Thanks for reading!
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