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Head Hunter Event! (Team Battles) - brandonyy4u - 08-08-2021

Head Hunter Event!

Team Battles

Here's What You Need To Know:

Event Time / Date:
3pm PST, 5pm Est, 6pm Ct, 11pm UK, 8am UTC (Monday 30th) 

Pick You Teams, Teams Must Consist Of: 2-4 Players
When you Have Your Team Made / Picked Please Write Their names as a "reply" below
Teams Must Sign Up / List Team Members Below.
Per Each Kill The Player With The Final Strike Will Win The Head.
Heads Will Be Awarded After The Event.

Day of Information:

Inventories Must be Cleared. Includes Ender Chests / Backpacks
(All Inventories Will Be Checked)
1 Life Per Player
(No Respawns)

Last Team Alive Wins!


Last Team Standing:
Premium Rank to ONE Unranked Member
Alive Members: $500k Per Member, Spawn Egg of Choice, 
Set of God Tools / Weapons, Head Of Choice
(Excluding Owner)
Dead Members: 250k Per Member, Spawn Egg  of Choice,
Set of God Tools / Weapons
Top Killer
(Minimum of 5 Kills)
$10 LAB Gift Card, 200k, Spawn Egg of Choice, Head Of Choice (Excluding Owner)

Good Luck Everyone! Hope To See You All There!

RE: Head Hunter Event! (Team Battles) - Gapo4K - 08-13-2021

My team:
and I or Gapoh

RE: Head Hunter Event! (Team Battles) - Tedtot - 08-29-2021

My team is:

RE: Head Hunter Event! (Team Battles) - Revolverkid - 08-29-2021

Revolverkid and KingAllan

RE: Head Hunter Event! (Team Battles) - Zobc - 08-29-2021

(08-13-2021, 07:47 PM)Gapo4K Wrote: My team:
and I or Gapoh

I agree